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The Project

Ongaku!Project is an online fanmix group which focuses mainly on Japanese pop. Affectionately known as 'O!P', the project was formed in January 2005 by a group of four H!P music-lovers and with the introduction of our first generation of members on 14 February 2005, saw the birth of the first five groups to the project (Megami Melody, Hanamoni, Ichigo Kaisei, Danjo Kyoku and ACE). Production work commenced shortly after the creation of the groups and on 19 March 2005, the first O!P release was made with Dillpop's solo cover of Goto Maki's Sayonara 'Tomodachi ni wa Naritakunai no'.

The group has since evolved from being H!P-centric into being an all-rounded group covering a variety of artistes and genres. With the introduction of 'UnMyeong', our repertoire has now expanded to cover yet another largely popular realm of music while still retaining our predominantly J-pop roots.

For O!P, the sky is truly our limit.

The Divisions

There are currently four main divisions to O!P, each with a different theme.

HoshizorA : Constellation-themed, this is the main division through which mixed-gender projects are released.

Oka★SHE : Sweets-themed, this is the division through which all-girl projects are released. This division is further divided into three sub-units:

  •  Megami Melody : Goddess-themed, produced by Rei-chan.
  •  Hanamoni : Floral-themed, produced by Suki.
  •  Ichigo Kaisei : Fruit-themed, produced by Suki.

ViyuMEN : Noodle-themed, this is the division through which all-male projects are released. It is mainly produced by Rei-chan.

Unmyeong : Jewel-themed and produced by Odango, this is the division through which projects in Korean are released. This is also the only division that works on non-Japanese projects.

Special Releases

In addition to normal releases, O!P does regular all-O!P projects where all members will combine talents in producing one massive all-O!P release. Examples of these are the O!P summer shuffles as well as the Christmas/winter releases. A full list of all O!P releases can be found on our website.

Hello! Ongaku

In addition to producing fanmix releases, O!P also produces our very own radio show in the form of Hello!Ongaku. Making its debut on 26 February 2005, the show is broadcast 'live' on-air with members of the project taking turns every week to play host on the show. Hello!Ongaku is currently helmed by tenkei, Rei-chan, Odango and Maki Kanatsu and airs every 2230hrs (+8 GMT) on JPH!P Radio and archives of past episodes can be found in the 'Radio' section on the O!P website.

Other Activities

Here at O!P, we encourage our members to not only forge friendships within the project, but also encourage general interaction and sharing with the people who are not in O!P, but share our love for music and song. This is where the O!P Wordpress blog and the O!P presence on the JPH!P IRC channel during Hello!Ongaku come in. We are very glad to say that friends whom we have made through these interactions, especially through the IRC channel, are now singing with us and very much a part of O!P.

Join O!P

We are happy to share that auditions are now in progress. Please check the main blog for more details. If you have any suggestions or ideas which you would like to share with us, please feel free to leave us a note either on our journals or at our forums. You can also reach us through email at ongakuproject@yahoo.com. We would love to hear from you!

Ongaku! Project is a non-profit group created for the purposes of bringing people with the same hobby together.
All legal rights remain with their original owners and Ongaku! Project claims no legal right over any of the original works found in this site.