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Megami Melody
Ichigo Kaisei
Produced since the beginning by Rei-chan, Megami Melody is the goddess-themed girl group of O!P. Most of the MM members have stood through the test of time, which has allowed the group to remain quite stable always, and making releases regularly.
Hanamoni, the flower-themed girl group of O!P, was originally led by Akinastar, and has stood strong through several changes of leadership. After Akinastar departed from O!P, Dillpops became HM's producer. Before long, Dillpops graduated, and HM found a new producer in Suki, who has taken care of the group till the present.
Originally led by Tris-chan, IK became the fruit-themed girl group of O!P. After Tris-chan's departure from O!P, the group was produced by Yukari till her graduation in 2008. The strong energy of the IK girls has allowed this group to withstand all these changes. With the arrival of 4th Gen, IK has a renewed enthusiasm and continues to look forward to new projects with a brand of enthusiasm that is uniquely IK's.
Danjo Kyoku
Produced by Chatin, DK was the first mixed boys and girls group in O!P. It had one release, and was eventually substituted by HoshizorA, to give every O!P member equal opportunity to participate in boys&girls songs.
Created in 2005 and lead by Chatin, ACE was the first all-boy group in O!P. Sadly, all of its members disappeared and the group disintegrated before making a release.
The arrival of a bunch of charismatic boys with 2nd Gen brought the birth of ViyuMEN, the noodle-themed male group in O!P. Produced by Rei-chan since then, it has grown to become a division within O!P, through which all male songs are done.
This candy-themed division of O!P was created in 2008 to bring all the girl groups in O!P to sing together. It is co-produced by Rei-chan and Suki.
The new star-themed division of O!P, in which boys and girls sing together. It is co-produced by Rei-chan and Suki since it's creation in 2008.
Created in 2008, Unmyeong is the jewel-themed korean division of O!P. It is produced by Odango, and its name means 'destiny'.
Original ViyuMEN banner.
Original Megami Melody banner.
Original Hanamoni banner.
Original Ichigo Kaisei banner.
Second Ichigo Kaisei banner.
Danjo Kyoku banner.
This is the layout O!P started with back in February 2005.
Later on in 2005, we decided to get a unique look, and the website got a bold makeover.
Early in 2006, our website got a much more organized and wholesome look.
Our first forum, on a free host, which worked really nicely but was not very customizable.
In February 2007 we moved to our own webspace, and created a customized forum.

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