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Hanami no Utage
"My collective domain of asian music and games."
- Rei-chan

Adventures in Swedenland
"My experiences before, at, and a little after
my study abroad in Uppsala, Sweden."
- Maki Kanatsu

AntonRagnarsson's Channel
"Mostly H!P vids but lately I've been uploading
Haromoni Wotas which I filmed with my friends."
- Anton

Sazaki's H!P Weblog
"My blog aimed to post any information about Hello!Project, especially about my favorite group, Berryz Kobo."
- Sazaki Ren

"The platform for a lone fangirl to quietly share her
addictions with whoever that is willing to read/listen."
- Suki

Du må stå inne for det du får ut av livet
"My journal is filled with randomness, often
accompanied by pictures and/or vimeo videos."
- Twissie

"...is waaaay cuter than you! My LJ."
- Nono

SaeYaka, Team K and AKB48 paradise
"SaeYaka = Sae Miyazawa and Sayaka Akimoto from AKB48.
Enjoy the happiness of being a SaeYaka fan! "
- Ange

Friends of Ongaku! Project

A community covering all Asian entertainment and beyond.

Ongaku Online
Your little space on the world wide web, founded just for the purpose of sharing and promoting karaoke mixes!

Reviews about anything with hopes to inform and entertain readers.

. . BREAKfast Time!
Momusu & Hello Pro wallpaper downloads

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